• Cokemaking

Coke Oven Machines

Comprehensive solutions for
top and stamp charging

Paul Wurth offers the full range of coke oven machines for top charged and stamp charged batteries, based on Schalke as well as Koch proven and reliable technology. Our comprehensive portfolio includes coal charging cars, pusher machines, stamping-charging-pushing machines, coke transfer cars, charging gas transfer cars, quenching cars, crane systems as well as maintenance and service cars.

Thanks to this well proven technology with all latest state-of-the-art features and solutions, the most modern and largest coke oven batteries in the world can be equipped with man-less coke oven machines, which meet the highest standards in terms of availability, coke productivity, emission reduction, user friendliness and safety standards.

Related automation and control systems, complemented with CMXpert digital features, ensure the safe operation of the machine with all travelling steps being fully automated and accurately scheduled. All machines are equipped with highly efficient emission control systems, so that the most stringent environmental regulations are met. Moreover, to improve cycle times, enhance plant liability and reduce manpower, the coke oven machines by Paul Wurth can be equipped with an intelligent automation system for total man-less operation.


Main Machines

  • Stamping Charging Pushing Machines SCPM
  • Charging Gas Transfer Cars
  • Coal Charging Cars
  • Coke Pusher Machines
  • Coke Transfer Cars
  • Door Machines
  • Hood Cars
  • Locomotives
  • Wet Quenching Cars
  • Hot Coke Bucket Cars

Ancillary equipment and automation

  • Door Service Cars
  • Emission Control systems for Pusher side and Coke side Automation Systems
  • Machine Coordination

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