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20th June 2018

Assets of KOCH Industrieanlagen to enter cokemaking portfolio of Paul Wurth Group

On 8th of June 2018, Paul Wurth S.A. and the German company DSD KOCH Industrieanlagen GmbH signed an Asset Purchase Agreement regarding the purchase of assets of KOCH’s coke oven machine segment by the Paul Wurth Group. Thanks to this acquisition, Paul Wurth takes over the patents and property rights, references, drawings, licenses, brand name and know-how of the Saarlouis-based company, specialised in the field of coke oven machines for stamp charged batteries. After the acquisition in 2014 of the Schalke coke oven machine technology for top charging batteries, this present transaction will complete Paul Wurth’s expertise and portfolio, including now charging cars, charging-pusher machines, stamping systems and stamping-charging-pushing machines for stamp charged coking plants as well.

In parallel to the Asset Purchase Agreement, a number of key personnel of DSD KOCH Industrieanlagen GmbH have joined Paul Wurth’s cokemaking and engineering departments.

Thanks to this state-of-the-art technology, the most modern and largest stamp charged coke oven batteries in the world can be equipped with man-less operated coke oven machines which meet the highest standards in terms of coke productivity, emission control, user friendliness and plant safety. Latest KOCH references include machines for Tata Steel KPO1 in India, Xichang Pangang Group in China and the largest stamp charged batteries in Germany.

This strategic step will strengthen Paul Wurth’s position as a global player in the design and construction of complete coke oven plants, coke oven batteries, coal processing plants, coke oven gas treatment, by-products & auxiliary plants as well as coke wet and dry quenching facilities.

About DSD KOCH Industrieanlagen GmbH

Based in Saarlouis, Germany, DSD KOCH Industrieanlagen GmbH is a subsidiary company to the globally operating DSD Steel Group. In 2017, DSD KOCH Industrieanlagen GmbH has taken over the former KOCH Industrieanlagen GmbH.