• Blast Furnace Ironmaking


During decades of blast furnace plant design, Paul Wurth’s engineers learned to speak the ironmaking language. For the past 20 years, we formed an international and truly interdisciplinary team of experts who would probably be able to operate any blast furnace in the world. Their competences originate from the raw-material based reactor design, from developing process automation concepts, from uncounted hours spent supporting customers commissioning equipment and plant, ramping up production and getting the best out of their installations.

In relation to existing plant operations, we can fix the status quo, analyse and optimise performance, define needs in and strategies for modernisation, assess the feasibility of implementing new technologies.

We continue to support operators exactly in that sense. We are also there in case of exceptional or critical state of process or plant, for emergency repair activities as well as in stop/start situations.

We can provide process modelling and simulation on demand. With our level-2 automation package BFXpert® we are offering you customised solutions for process control including the possibility to provide remote process support.

Finally, Paul Wurth and its process technology department are set to accompany the ironmaking community as a Leading Partner in digitalisation and on the journey of decarbonisation of our industry.