• Blast Furnace Ironmaking

150 years of pioneering

It all started with an opportunity. The main industrial opportunity of the outgoing 19th century: steel. The company started as a boilermaker facility and became very good at its craft. Paul Wurth had the far sight and made the shop seizing the opportunity by starting to diversify its activities. A new lever of success developed through improving existing processes and innovating by designing and launching new products and services. That is how we got in.

Today, our history is marked by more than 100 years of involvement in ironmaking facilities. We have been integrated blast furnace plant builders for almost 70 years now.

Like no other in this field, we have added to that much more: knowledge and competence in raw materials, in process technology and operations, control and automation, in aspects of upstream and downstream processes, in environmental and emission control.

Continuous improvement and decades of R&D activities created innovative solutions that aim at safety, quality, sustainability and customer benefit.

This journey continues with the unique and complete line of solutions, technology and equipment for blast furnace ironmaking being at home under one roof – at Paul Wurth.

Our Blast Furnace technology solutions


Our products and services cover the full range of blast furnace projects ranging from complete new ironmaking plants, furnace modernisations and relines, new or upgraded equipment and systems, plant automation and process control systems, engineering design services through to equipment maintenance and spare parts. We provide operational and system design advice and on-site services for blast furnace operation and maintenance activities.

Shaping the future of ironmaking

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