• Cokemaking

Coke Plant Automation

An automation system for smart coke plant operation

Thanks to COKEXpert™, the level-2 automation system for coke oven plants developed by Paul Wurth, coke oven operators can rely on state-of-the-art automation technology to achieve best operational performances while satisfying the ever more stringent environmental standards.

The major functions of COKEXpert™ are:

  • Thermal control module
  • Coking process module
  • Pushing / charging module
  • Oven health module
  • Cloud platform
  • Mobile applications
  • Man-less operation of coke oven machines

COKEXpert™ is a modern and user-friendly tool that helps to improve the operation stability and productivity, reach constant coke quality, reduce fuel consumption, limit environmental emissions and increase the battery lifetime.

CMXpert™ is available for all main Paul Wurth coke oven machines. It is an innovative tool allowing the operator to keep his machine in the palm of his hand in terms of performance, operation and maintenance.