• Blast Furnace Ironmaking

Process Control

For continuous operation of a high-heat transformation process in a “black box” reactor, recording and control of process parameters (like temperature, pressure, gas flow etc.) are essential needs.

After many years of own experience in development and supply of blast furnace process data recorders (probes), Paul Wurth has combined its design know-how with that of Dango & Dienenthal by creating the joint, affiliated TMT – Tapping Measuring Technology. In any single case, we work together with our customers to define and implement the best combination of probes and measuring equipment for the specific needs in monitoring and control of the blast furnace process. Reliable probes operation is important to support, on a regular basis, data processing, furnace process models and furnace operation supervisory systems.

Modern process recording devices include permanent acoustic top gas temperature measurement with distribution mapping, real time video monitoring, measurement of burden column level and surface profile, in-burden temperature measurement and gas sampling.

To increase operation safety and improve process stability of pulverised coal injection into the blast furnace, Paul Wurth has developed the Tuyere Phenomena Detection System, a camera-based monitoring system for the tuyere and raceway area. The system allows simultaneous monitoring of all tuyeres from a safe distance. At the same time, an image recognition system processes the camera images to detect automatically phenomena of the injection lance and the raceway zone.

The efficient operation of a modern blast furnace requires a high degree of automation in conjunction with computerised monitoring and control systems. Paul Wurth has to offer a unique combination of its in-house technology experts’ process know-how with a targeted instrumentation and measurement concept, reproducible equipment functions and the modular BFXpert® level-2 solution – for best results in hot metal quality and process stability.

Paul Wurth provides automation solutions focused on maximising the benefits to plant operators through useful and relevant features thus meeting their automation challenges. A Paul Wurth automation system is a PLC/DCS based solution delivered on any platform preferred by the customer and best suited for his specific application.

BFXpert® is Paul Wurth’s solution for an integrated Level-2 process control system for blast furnace operation. The system combines the best available process know-how with the most extensive expertise in blast furnace design and ironmaking equipment. The easy to use, powerful system improves your control of blast furnace process complexity while offering optimised operational safety, stability and cost. BFXpert is designed to support customers in achieving operation of a highly productive blast furnace. The SACHEM® Expert Operating Guidance System is a key element of this blast furnace automation package. It analyses the raw data to determine relevance and to advise the operator of remedial action.

Based on operational know-how, this Intelligent Supervisory System will guide the operators in making the best decisions to keep all of the ironmaking process stable, efficient and in cost control.

Paul Wurth’s process engineers are able to transform the cumulated rich experience on blast furnace operations into process consultancy optimising the plant performance of their customers.

As started already with the BFXpert approach, and developing plant and process towards application of digital solutions, we are sailing full force into the future of connected products, connected operations, a connected customer-supplier relationship as well as connected services and support for you.