• Cokemaking

Coke Oven Gas Treatment & By-Product Recovery

A full range of efficient processes

Coke oven gas production and the related recovery of its by-products are of utmost importance in the overall cokemaking and ironmaking process when it comes to provide an environmentally responsible global concept with limited investment cost.

In this respect, Paul Wurth, more than 15 years ago, set up a strategic cooperation with the German company DMT GmbH & Co. KG and is able to offer the design and construction of complete coke oven gas (COG) treatment and by-product recovery plants, including:

  • Gas cooling
  • Tar separation
  • Coal water filtration
  • NH3 removal
  • H2S removal
  • Distillation plant
  • Ammonia cracking and Sulphur recovery plant (Claus Process)
  • Benzene (BTX) / Naphthalene removal and recovery
  • Naphthalene recovery

Banking on the references and sound expertise of both companies, our portfolio in coke oven gas treatment includes a wide range of gas scrubbing and by-product extraction solutions, which are available in many combinations and configurations so as to meet any specific customer requirement. The in-house developed know-how of the joint Paul Wurth / DMT teams is brought in for feasibility studies, gas treatment & by-product plant revamps, greenfield projects, plant inspections and operational support service.