• Company Compliance

The excellent reputation of our group of companies as a supplier of high-quality products and services in the fields of plant engineering and automation, intralogistics solutions, and civil construction projects gives us our competitive edge. The basis of the trust placed in our company by the customers, suppliers and the public is our respect for and adherence to legal and statutory provisions as well as group-internal rules and regulations (Compliance). Appropriate actions and behaviour of every employee are the precondition for this.

As a member of SMS group, Paul Wurth fully adheres to the Code of Conduct effective within SMS group. This Code of Conduct specifies general requirements, which shall provide standards and orientation for our daily work and thus contribute to strengthening our company’s reputation. The Code of Conduct is valid worldwide and binding for all employees of the group.

Download: Code of Conduct

In case of questions or remarks, please contact the Compliance Officer via the e-mail address compliance@paulwurth.com

Trustworthy Hints

We take confidential incident reporting very seriously. It is our aspiration, as a company, to seek improvement at every instance and whenever possible. Therefore it is vital to us that we are made aware of any misconduct or any violations of our Code of Conduct. $

If you feel that you must report an incident, please do not hesitate to contact our Compliance Department. You may also use our incident reporting system which also guarantees that your observations are treated 100% confidentially, securely and anonymously. We highly appreciate your reporting of any single incident you may become aware of. Rest assured that we will treat all notifications with utmost confidentiality.

Whistleblower System