• Blast Furnace Ironmaking


The construction of a new blast furnace plant bears the unique possibility to apply the most modern technical systems with a free view on investment cost and the optimum duration of the furnace’s expected campaign duration. Auxiliary plant units can be arranged around the main reactor with best maintenance access and, again, taking into account the investment budget.

With regard to the available raw materials base, the design of the furnace proper is fundamental to reliable operation, metallurgical performance, sustained high productivity and long campaign life. For both new installations and reactor rebuilds, Paul Wurth’s modern blast furnace designs are based on the concept of a free-standing, self-supporting vessel with high-quality refractories and a cooling concept which allows a thin-wall construction over the entire height of the furnace. A surrounding square tower supports the top structure and provides access to the furnace shell and attached equipment.

With more than 230 blast furnace projects for the past 70 years including some 63 new furnaces, Paul Wurth is the most experienced company on international scale who is able to combine a full range portfolio of technologies with unparalleled competence in blast furnace design, supply, construction planning and supervision, project management and execution.

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