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2nd July 2021

MMK selects Paul Wurth for construction of new blast furnace

PJSC Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK) and Paul Wurth have signed a contract for a new major investment project – the construction of the new blast furnace No. 11.

As part of MMK Group’s development strategy and its strive for continuous improvements in production and ambitious environmental goals, the Russian steelmaker awarded Paul Wurth with an EP contract for the construction of its new blast furnace No. 11 at its Magnitogorsk works, Chelyabinsk region.

Paul Wurth was contracted to provide engineering, technological equipment supply of the blast furnace proper and important sub-plants for the new BF11. The new blast furnace, with a hearth diameter of 13.5 m, will have a working volume of 3 845 cubic meters and a production capacity of 3.7 million tonnes of hot metal per year. Paul Wurth will also provide supervision services for the erection work and commissioning. 

The construction of this new blast furnace complex will allow MMK to decommission three operating, but outdated furnaces (BF4, BF7 & BF8) and will integrate the most advanced technologies in terms of environmental protection. Along with substantial productivity improvements, MMK will thus be able to reduce harmful emissions by 6 600 tonnes per year and cut CO2 emissions by 1 123 tonnes per year.

Paul Wurth’s scope includes in particular:

The project schedule foresees a construction duration of 3.5 years.

Finally, let us remind that in 2020 MMK restarted its BF2 after a complete overhaul, integrating Paul Wurth state-of-the-art key equipment.