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A sustainable solution for decarbonising transportation

The second pillar of Paul Wurth’s hydrogen related activities are Power-to-X applications for the energy sector. In close cooperation with the electrolyser company Sunfire, Paul Wurth is focusing its R&D activities on hydrogen-based technologies for the production of synthetic fuels and downstream products. This development is particularly interesting for heavy goods transport by road, sea and air, to replace fossil fuels with synthetic fuels. Given the possibility of being able to store synthetic fuels in non-continuous production, they are generally considered today as a prerequisite for implementing the energy transition.

Paul Wurth is namely participating in the Norsk e-Fuel consortium, planning Europe’s first commercial plant for hydrogen based renewable aviation fuel in Norway, as well as in the EU funded Multiplhy project, a partnership to build and operate the world’s first green hydrogen generation plant for a refinery producing high-quality biofuels in Rotterdam. In both projects, Paul Wurth is responsible for the related hydrogen processing unit (HPU), as part of the electrolyser system.

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