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Paul Wurth has launched the business incubation programme, Paul Wurth InCub, in 2016 as part of its mission to promote innovation inside as well as outside the company. Paul Wurth InCub is devoted to develop successful entrepreneurs in the Industrial Technologies sector #InduTech, by providing Paul Wurth’s international expertise and explore new market opportunities together.

Today there are now fourteen start-up members of Paul Wurth InCub, which are active in a number of different areas of technology (robotics, 3D printing, Internet of Things, space mining, sensors, virtual reality, machine learning, etc.). In addition to these permanent members, numerous contacts have been made with the world of start-ups and plenty of ideas and technologies for industrial applications were identified. As a result of our considerable experience, Paul Wurth is able to use its expertise to best effect both in developing and launching on the market these innovative products. As part of this, in an open innovation, there are regularly project calls for technical solutions.

Paul Wurth InCub has quickly become an integral part of the Luxembourg ecosystem of start-ups. In September 2018, Paul Wurth InCub gained a strong partner in the Luxembourg industrial association, FEDIL, in order jointly to promote #InduTech projects in Luxembourg. Furthermore, this interaction with young, motivated entrepreneurs is having a very stimulating effect on our own employees.

More information about Paul Wurth InCub on http://indu.tech

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