• Supply chain

Sustainable supply chains for a
dynamic and unpredictable world

To execute world-class projects to the customer’s entire satisfaction, best performance and top quality are required along the entire supply chain, including procurement, logistics and quality management activities on a global scale. In this regard, our success largely depends on our suppliers, who shall not only comply with technical standards, but also conduct their business in a social, ecological and ethical manner. To improve and develop our product portfolio in constant way, we are continuously searching for creative and highly competitive suppliers.

Supplier e-Portal

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Quality / H&S

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Terms & Conditions
(Paul Wurth S.A)

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Terms & Conditions
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Sharing the same values

Health & Safety

The health of our personnel and safety at work are core values fully integrated in Paul Wurth’s daily working processes. Being committed to promote these values along the entire supply chain, we require the same attitude and behaviour from our suppliers.


The concern about environmental standards is part of Paul Wurth’s management policy as well as a driving force for new technological developments. Our suppliers are therefore expected to operate in an environmentally responsible and resource-efficient manner.


Paul Wurth’s reputation has always relied on the high quality of our products and services. In order to maintain this major asset, our suppliers are requested to honour good and timely supplies according to our quality standards and specifications.

Reliability & Flexibility

As our activities are in general tailor-made and project-based, we expect from our suppliers to be reliable and flexible during the complete project execution phase.


Paul Wurth operates in a globally competitive market and the cost of our purchases has a significant impact on cost of our products. Highly competitive prices and cost levels on the suppliers’ side are therefore fundamental.


Paul Wurth has always been committed to offer its customers innovative solutions by developing new products and optimising the existing ones. A fruitful collaboration with our suppliers is of key importance in this process.


For increased working efficiency, we expect from our suppliers an intense communication as well as a good and transparent collaboration at any stage.

Business Integrity

In view of a mutual respectful and trustful relationship, suppliers shall comply with applicable laws and regulations as well as ethical standards. They shall also ensure that data privacy and intellectual property rights are protected.


A global Quality Policy, coupled with a consistent Quality Management System, is of prime importance at all levels of our organisation, should this be at Group governance level, in our internal working processes, in our engineering tasks or in daily project execution. Likewise, quality is the decisive criteria in the choice of our suppliers.

Besides a trustful personal relationship, a global and strong quality management is all the more important when we approach our customers as “Leading Partner”. The application of high quality standards, ensuring reliable products and services as well as excellence in project execution, has ever been the convincing argument throughout all business fields.