• Our Values

The cohesion and performance of the Paul Wurth Group are anchored in a set of shared core values and principles, reflecting a sustainable responsible behaviour towards other economic players, the environment and society in general.

Promoting health, safety and well-being at work is Paul Wurth’s top priority. We strive to ensure respect for the environment, providing innovative solutions and quality products. We favour a policy of being close to the customer and encouraging the development of our talents – these are just some of the fundamental principles that shape Paul Wurth’s activities.

These core values are our greatest asset, ensuring our competitiveness, growth and long-term viability.


We take care of our people and partners. The health of our employees and the safety of our installations are our top priorities and we call on everyone to behave responsibly and proactively while developing projects, products and services. Health & Safety principles are an integral part of our corporate policy and our daily working processes and tools. Effective management with regard to health, safety and well-being at work involves corporate social responsibility towards the company’s employees, its suppliers and its customers, and this is increasingly becoming a factor in our favour when our customers evaluate and assess us.

We promote social cohesion within our group by combating all forms of discrimination in recruitment, remuneration and the development of female and male staff.


We have a special interest in the development of environmentally friendly technologies. Considering the global duty to reduce the CO2 footprint and fight climate change, Paul Wurth is committed to develop innovative solutions for leading the upcoming decarbonisation of the metals industry. Given this challenge, we are changing our mind-set and adapting our behaviour towards green solutions. We want to make a positive impact with industry being part of the solution. We aim to behave environmentally conscious in all aspects of life and to contribute to a sustainable use of resources.


As a leading partner, we strive to create value for our customers’ success. The prime objective of our business strategy is to offer a portfolio of products and services meeting our customers’ requirements in terms of performance, quality, service and price and integrating the latest technical standards. Our know-how provides the customer innovative, value-added solutions, which optimise the quality of his products and the performance and efficiency of his operation. Being present worldwide, we are close to and in constant dialogue with our customers. We adapt to their local needs and respect their culture.


We strive for excellence – in our everyday business and in the quality of our projects, products and services. We consistently develop our people by offering a diverse range of individually tailored training opportunities. We unite highly skilled experts worlwide to provide the best quality of our engineering solutions. Our Quality Management System according to the international ISO 9001 standard is an essential instrument for the everyday rigorous and transparent management of our affairs and we strive to continuously optimise and improved our working procedures. By eliminating all elements of non-quality, the reliability of the services and equipment provided by Paul Wurth is increased even more.


We share the spirit of pioneers. The ability to put forward innovative solutions has always been Paul Wurth’s major asset. We are capable of coping with the challenges of our time and constantly stretch beyond existing limits. We are open for change. Our curiosity drives creativity and innovation. We value entrepreneurial spirit. The development of new products and improvement of existing equipment and processes enables the Group to maintain its technological lead by constantly updating its product range. As part of this pioneering approach, we invest considerable effort and resources into developing our talents throughout their career. It is the skills and commitment of all the employees in the Group that enable Paul Wurth to meet the technical and commercial challenges of every day.


Being an international player with projects and set-ups across the world, we are concerned for the well-being of local communities. Paul Wurth participates in solidarity action programs, sponsorship and support in the form of material support, human resources and know-how. We encourage our employees to support philanthropic activities in order to overcome social problems and deficiencies in society. In the same spirit, we select business partners who respect social, ecological and economic standards in their supply chains.