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14th January 2021

Next generation of Paul Wurth stamp charging coke oven technology successful in China

Paul Wurth proudly announces that the company has been awarded recent orders for engineering services, the supply of coke oven machines as well as of SOPRECO® valves to be implemented at two new Jumbo coke oven batteries of stamp charging type built by the end customer Xinxing Ductile Pipe Co., Ltd. in Handan City, Hebei Province, China. The Chinese customer is relying on proven Paul Wurth stamp charging technology for large-size batteries of the next generation.

In the frame of a cooperation agreement on stamp charging technology with Shandong Province Metallurgical Engineering Co., Ltd (SDM), Paul Wurth will provide engineering services for the construction of two new stamp-charged coke oven batteries, featuring 69 ovens each with an oven height of 6.73m and designed for a gross production of 1.940 million tons of coke per year. Relying on Paul Wurth expertise for eco-friendly cokemaking solutions, this project is part of the Chinese government’s environmental programme to reduce emissions generated by coking plants. The batteries’ environmental performance will be significantly enhanced by the installation of Paul Wurth’s SOPRECO® system for Single Oven PREssure Control and reduction of fugitive emissions. Start-up of the plant is expected in the third quarter of 2021.

For the same project, Paul Wurth also secured its first order for stamping-charging-pushing (SCP) machines in China. This represents a major project for stamping machines technology after the assets of KOCH Industrieanlagen entered Paul Wurth’s cokemaking portfolio in 2018.

Paul Wurth will execute the complete engineering of the new 6.73m SCP machines and supply its stamping systems as part of a key equipment package to Zhangjiagang Changli Machinery Co., Ltd, who is in charge of manufacturing, erection and commissioning of both SCP machines at the new Jumbo coke oven batteries of the final customer, Xinxing Ductile Pipe, in Hebei Province. The challenging timeline foresees a first pushing of coke by end of August 2021.

These orders represent a significant market breakthrough and a reference of utmost importance, considering the increasing market share of stamp charging technology in China and the numerous projects likely to materialise in the near future.