Throughout its history, Paul Wurth has always been striving for excellence. While targeting excellence, the quality of our products and services is the key issue and one of the major assets in our marketing and sales efforts. Over the past decades, our customer could always rely on our equipment performance. And in a presently growing steel market our customers are even more prepared to honour good and timely supplies and services.

To come up to the clients’ expectations in an even more efficient way, Paul Wurth S.A. introduced in 1996 an operational Quality System according to the prescriptions of the international Standard ISO 9001 for its activities in the field of the iron and steel industry, the industry in general and for industrial buildings and plants.
The Quality Management System has become an essential instrument in the everyday management of our affairs and we strive to continuously optimise and improved our working procedures. By eliminating all elements of non-quality, the reliability of the services and equipment provided by Paul Wurth is increased even more.