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7th March 2023

Paul Wurth stamping technology for coke oven machines is becoming the new must for Chinese customers

Full stamping train, extract from 3D file

On 19 January 2023 Paul Wurth signed the order with Dalian Huarui Heavy Industry Coke Oven Machinery & Vehicle Co. Ltd. for 2 stamping trains to be delivered to the coke oven plant of Inner Mongolia Guangju New Material Co., Ltd. The contract is on engineering and procurement basis plus supervision (EP + supervision).

In the last two years, this customer had already purchased the stamping trains necessary for this project. This new order highlights their satisfaction with Paul Wurth technology, which proved highly reliable, durable in time and particularly flexible thanks to the interchangeability of the stamping units and spares.

Thanks to a stamping time reduced to the minimum, Paul Wurth technology has also shown to be very efficient and cost saving. With the first phase already commissioned last year, the start-up of the last phase is foreseen for November 2023.

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