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31st May 2021

Yunnan Coal & Energy relies on Paul Wurth low-emission coke making technology

Luxembourg/Genoa, 31 May 2021. Yunnan Coal & Energy Co. Ltd, a China-based company principally engaged in the production and sales of coke and coal chemical products, selected Paul Wurth, a company of SMS group, as technology provider for its new Coke Making Plant in Yunnan province, in the southwest of the People’s Republic of China.

Paul Wurth has been contracted to supply engineering services for two top-charged coke oven batteries, comprising 67 ovens each with an oven height of 7.6 m. The new coke oven plant will have capacity of 2 million tonnes of coke per year and the start-up of the plant is expected in the second or third quarter of 2022. The project, carried out together with SDM, with whom Paul Wurth has a cooperation agreement for top and stamp-charged battery projects will feature the latest well-proven Paul Wurth Jumbo oven design. Being acknowledged by many coke plant operators worldwide, this technology of large-sized coke oven batteries now enters the Chinese coke industry as the most appropriate solution in terms of cost-saving and low emissions. This is an additional market breakthrough for Paul Wurth, whose advanced and environmentally friendly coke oven technologies are well appreciated by Chinese customers and perfectly comply with the relevant Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations imposed by the Chinese government