• Upgrades & Modernisation

Improving sinter and pellet plant performance

In the field of sintering, Paul Wurth has developed and offers a wide range of service solutions that support the end-user to increase productivity, reduce coke and gas consumption and improve the sinter quality. Thereby, Paul Wurth is focussing on the optimisation of existing plants and offers studies for plant debottlenecking or capacity increase as well as assistance for shutdown planning and execution with equipment health checks.

Specific products for optimisation of existing plants:

  • High intensive mixer for mixing the iron ore and the reagents
  • Multi roller, permeability bars to improve raw mix charging on the strand
  • Ignition hood with vertical burners to improve ignition efficiency
  • Machine widening to increase the sinter production

  • Revamping of annular coolers
  • Solutions to improve the lifetime of sinter machine discharge equipment (sinter breaker, crash deck, grizzly bars)
  • Solutions for process analysis (Thermo-Car for pellet plants)

Following the trend towards the production of ever larger amounts of fine ores and concentrates, the increasing demand of blast furnace and direct reduction plant operators for higher quality burden materials as well as the general requirement for a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly production, Paul Wurth is offering selected services also for the pelletising of iron ores and similar materials.