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8th April 2019

MMK selects Paul Wurth for modernisation of Blast Furnace cooling system

As part of its development strategy, PAO “MMK” (Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk region, Russia) will conduct a complete overhaul of its No. 2 blast furnace in 2020. After fundamental renewal and modernisation, the blast furnace will appear as a structure without a lintel ring. In this project, Paul Wurth will help MMK define the profile of the modernised furnace by considering the raw materials base and process conditions of the customer. Detail engineering will be provided for the high-heat loaded bosh and belly areas, cooling elements and primary cooling system. Paul Wurth will also supply horizontally arranged copper cooling plates, highly conductive graphite refractory bricks and ramming mass. A complete set of EIC equipment for the dedicated pump house with heat exchangers and the related cooling circuit will be part of the deliverables. On-site supervision will be performed during pre-shutdown and shutdown periods until commissioning.

Paul Wurth received this order as a result of a tender which was explicitly calling for a system with horizontal cooling elements. The supply contract between Paul Wurth and MMK became effective in the beginning of the current year. A challenging schedule foresees fulfilment of the contract obligations within fifteen months.

At present, MMK’s BF No. 2 is a typical furnace developed by AO “Magnitogorskiy Gipromez” with an inner volume of 1 380 cubic meters, two tapholes and a daily production of 3 800 tons of hot metal. In March 2010, it was equipped with a compact-type BLT®, developed by Paul Wurth. In total, six original Paul Wurth Bell Less Top® charging systems are being operated at MMK’s ironmaking facilities.