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19th January 2021

Severstal starts production at first stamp-charged coke oven battery of Paul Wurth design in Russia

After the start-up procedures and hot commissioning activities have been successfully completed, Severstal pushed first coke from Block 1 of its brand-new coke oven battery No. 11 at its integrated steel works at Cherepovets, Russia, on 27 November 2020. Subsequently, the coke dry quenching plant #3 also started up.

This is a decisive milestone in Severstal’s project of building a new cokemaking complex, comprising two coke oven batteries (Block 1 & Block 2) with 56 coke ovens each and designed for a total production of 1.4 million tons of coke per year. In the frame of this ambitious project driven by the customer’s objective to significantly reduce environmental emissions in the coking operations, Paul Wurth provided the engineering, the supply of all key equipment as well as supervision services during erection and commissioning.

As part of Paul Wurth’s state-of-the-art technologies and process solutions, an innovative smokeless charging system (including the Sopreco® system for single oven pressure control, the stamping-charging machine and the gas transfer car), coke oven doors of Paul Wurth design and a modern pushing emission control system make these first Russian batteries of stamp charging type a highly productive, cost-optimised and eco-friendly unit.

In addition to the batteries themselves, Severstal contracted Paul Wurth for a number of other engineering solutions and key units of the new coking plant, such as the complete set of coke oven machines, three new coke dry quenching plants, the tar decanting plant as well as some ancillary facilities.

The construction works of the second block of coke oven battery No. 11 are presently ongoing, so that the complete new cokemaking complex is expected to be commissioned in the fourth quarter of 2021.

The breakthrough of Paul Wurth’s cokemaking technology in Russia is for sure a result of the long-lasting trust relationship with Severstal, which in today’s challenging times is even more valuable for a successful project implementation.