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9th October 2018

Paul Wurth’s fast track repair services receive Certificate of Appreciation from Acciaieria Arvedi

After a hearth condition assessment which identified some spots in critical state, Acciaieria Arvedi awarded Paul Wurth an order for an urgent repair at No. 3 Blast Furnace at their Trieste works in Italy.

Paul Wurth’s scope of services covered engineering and execution of the salamander tapping, engineering for hearth lining replenishment, supply of carbon based material and site jobs supervision. The preparation work commenced immediately after the agreement on 9th of May, so that salamander tapping operations could be started on May 29th already.

Despite the organizational complexity and appearance of some additional, unforeseen activities during the repair works, regular hot metal could be tapped from BF 3 again on Sunday the 1st of July, after a furnace stop of only 34 days. This was in line with the originally scheduled shutdown duration. This record time was achieved thanks to a very proactive cooperation between the customer and Paul Wurth teams from Italy and Germany which, in particular, ensured an ultra-short delivery time for the refractory material supplied.

The new refractory configuration selected by Paul Wurth was a tailor-made combination of a silicon carbide-based unshaped material as hot face lining and a monolithic carbon block in the taphole area surrounded by small carbon bricks, all suitably shaped to ensure a proper connection with the remaining carbon lining.

The customer expressed full satisfaction for the good job executed and sent the following written appreciation to Paul Wurth: “The joint effort and the high level of cooperation achieved between the Arvedi and the Paul Wurth teams greatly contributed to the proper execution of the planned activities in full compliance with the projected deadline.” This event is a further example of the professional service that Paul Wurth can offer to its customers even in the most particular situations calling for unconventional solutions.

Salamander tapping and hearth lining replenishment executed by Paul Wurth satisfy customer’s expectations – Certificate of Appreciation issued!