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20th April 2022

Paul Wurth supports its colleagues in Ukraine

The Paul Wurth team has been shocked at the invasion of Ukraine and the continued violence and displacement of millions of people in the region. We continue to hope for military de-escalation and the resumption of diplomacy.

Paul Wurth has a limited number of direct colleagues in the region, and we have been in more or less constant contact with them. We are doing everything we can to give them the means and support they require for them and their families to leave the area and, if they wish it, to make their way to the safety of surrounding countries where Paul Wurth has offices. Some have already done so.

Reports in the press have suggested that Paul Wurth is maintaining commercial activities in Russia. This is not the case. Paul Wurth does have exposure in the region due to projects and business ongoing before the war, particularly in Russia. However, in line with our parent company’s policy, our operations there are frozen. We will not be taking on new business in Russia while there is a war on, we will not be shipping equipment and will only engage in safety-critical maintenance tasks in concert with customers. We comply completely with all EU and international sanctions.

The action to suspend operations was taken as quickly as possible and was the case at least as of 10 March 2022. In addition, the company complies with all international and EU sanctions, both established and forthcoming. We have supported our colleagues in Ukraine with unlimited support to get them to safety. Additionally, our team has so far raised €260,000 to help them both now and after the war. Finally, SMS group and Paul Wurth have been welcoming refugees at our sites in Germany and Luxembourg.


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