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21st January 2022

Kardemir steel invests in Paul Wurth’s BFXpert™

Paul Wurth, part of the SMS group, has secured an order from Turkish steelmaker Kardemir for a ‘Level 2’ BFXpert™ system to bring digitalisation and automation to its blast furnace operations.

The order was received in November 2021, following ongoing cooperation between both companies. Paul Wurth is to provide a mix cutting edge mix of IT hardware, advanced software and sophisticated mathematical models to upgrade the operation of Kardemir’s ironmaking facilities.

The software is the result of over a decade of development work and the modelling is the product of Paul Wurth’s automation engineers’ expertise. The ultimate aim of these improvements is to reduce the consumption of coke, to improve efficiency and reduce emissions.

“Our full-service combination of hard- and software has the potential to improve the efficiency and safety of Kardemir’s work”, said Georges Rassel, CEO of Paul Wurth and SMS group Europe. “The tools we have developed will contribute to meeting Kardemir’s overall productivity and environmental objectives”.

The project is expected to be completed by March 2023.