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23rd March 2021

+2K SOPRECO valves sold make cokemaking more ecological

Coke plant operators around the world have ordered so far at least 2100 SOPRECO® valves, thus proving how much our customers appreciate the robust design of Paul Wurth  SOPRECO valve and its efficient and reliable control of the single coke oven chamber pressure with very little efforts on maintenance. Paul Wurth SOPRECO valves avoid emissions from coke oven doors and lids throughout the complete coking cycle and coal charging process.

Our patented Single Oven PREssure COntrol system, SOPRECO, in-house developed and continuously improved by our specialists in coke making technology, is today worldwide recognised as a leading technology for an environmentally friendly and low-emission coke oven plant.

In 2020, and already this year, Paul Wurth was awarded with several new orders for SOPRECO systems, also in combination with the Paul Wurth Smokeless Charging System, as for the new Paul Wurth coke oven batteries for China Steel Corporation in Taiwan, POSCO in South Korea and several customers in China.

In 2021, the Paul Wurth SOPRECO system will be commissioned in various plants all over the world, from ArcelorMittal’s coke oven batteries in Taranto, Italy, to SSAB plant in Sweden, Severstal in Russia and several coke oven plants in China (Xiangtan Steel, Henan Liyuan, Hebei Xinxing and Panzhihua Steel).

All these customers  take advantage of the advanced SOPRECO technology for implementing an environmentally friendly coke production.