Young talents rewarded

On Wednesday, 7 February 2018 took place the fourth Paul Wurth Award ceremony in Luxembourg.

This year, four young talents were rewarded for having contributed their Master theses to the scientific advancement of energy-related and environmental issues. The competition is in line with Paul Wurth’s principle of continuous innovation and technological advance of its products and technologies and goes hand in hand with the purpose of promoting and encouraging young engineers at the beginning of their career.

After a preliminary selection, the four most pertinent theses of 2017 were presented in front of the Paul Wurth jury. In 2017, the selected candidates put a special emphasis on issues like the phosphorus recovery from urban waste water, the off-gas treatment of bio mass heating systems, sintered glass and specific static dimensioning problems in civil engineering.

The Paul Wurth Award includes a cash grant of EUR 2,000 for the first, EUR 1,500 for the second and EUR 1,000 for the third winner.

The first prize this year goes to Patrick Risch, who completed his Master studies at KIT Karlsruhe, Germany, and dedicated his thesis to the modification of the material properties of sintered glass. The second prize is awarded to Daniel Collignon who studied Environmental Engineering at RWTH Aachen and two third prizes are awarded to Yann Lotzkes from RWTH Aachen and Dennis Hövelmann from the Technical University in Kaiserslautern.

At the end of the ceremony the jury congratulated the four selected talents on their excellent work and the innovating and advancing results they could achieve.

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