Successful Stove Hot Repair at elevated heights

Originally conceived and negotiated with a Brazilian steelmaker as a typical Stove Hot Repair performed at an installation height of up to 16 m, the Paul Wurth’s contract scope was extended to repairs at elevated heights after an endoscopy detected unexpected damage in the combustion chamber division wall. When the final scope was set, the hot repair extended to a height of 23 m. It is the first time ever that a hot repair was performed at these high levels.

Paul Wurth started the repair procedures after the customer’s blast furnace was shut down and the hot blast stove was isolated from the furnace. The furnace was then placed back into operation while the stove repairs were made. After Paul Wurth’s experts detected and solved on site some technical design concerns, the heat shield was successfully positioned at 23 m. Upon completion of the repairs, the heat shield was successfully taken out and the final refractory activities finished on time, according to the original schedule. The stove was back in operation according to the customer’s planning, after a 48 hour Blast Furnace shutdown. Complementing Paul Wurth’s contractual obligation, additional operational support was provided during the stove recommissioning.

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