Paul Wurth at ESTAD-JSI Conference in Paris

Luxembourg, 28 March 2014. Steelmaking societies of several European countries have organised a new conference format: the European Steel Technology and Applications Days (ESTAD). The first edition will be conducted in Paris, 7-8 April 2014, in cooperation with French FFA’s 31st Journées Sidérurgiques Internationales.

The following papers by Paul Wurth are included in the conference programme:

  1. Copper staves cooled blast furnaces – The key for efficient operation and long campaign (Session: Ironmaking 1, April 7)
  2. Successful upgrade of PCI facility leads to injection rates above 240 kg/tHM at ArcelorMittal Gent (Session: Ironmaking 2, April 7)
  3. Tuyere Phenomena Detection System (Session: Ironmaking 2, April 7)
  4. Dry slag granulation with energy recovery: From inception to pilot plant (Session: Energy 1, April 7)
  5. De-oiling of oily mill sludge and scales (Session: Sintering, April 8)

These papers, developed jointly with partners and customers, will give an insight in Paul Wurth’s modern design and technologies, with a focus on efficiency, energy and environment. Co-authorship with ArcelorMittal and CRM of Belgium in another paper, “Improvement of sinter raw materials preparation by intensive mixer to cope with the use of high level of fine iron ores”, witnesses of Paul Wurth’s expanding knowledge and diversification into agglomeration technologies.

In parallel to the conference, Paul Wurth will be happy to welcome guests and customers at their own exhibition booth (No. 5&6), which will be open during the entire event.

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