Paul Wurth at AISTech 2014, Indianapolis

Luxembourg, 28 April 2014. From May 5 until May 8, 2014, the Association for Iron & Steel Technology will gather the North American and international steelmaking society for their annual AISTech Congress and Exhibition at Indianapolis, Indiana. In the course of the conference programme, Paul Wurth’s technology news and plant building competences will be presented via the following technical papers:

  1. Dry Slag Granulation with Energy Recovery: Pilot Campaign at ROGESA (Session: Environmental – Solid Waste Treatment & Material Recovery, May 5)
  2. The New Cokemaking Plant for Bhushan Steel Ltd. in Meramandali Works (Session: Cokemaking – New Technologies, May 5)
  3. Pressurized Cooling System – A New Asset for Bell-Less Top® Chute Transmission Gearboxes (Session: Ironmaking – Improved Blast Furnace Equipment & Auxiliaries, May 5)
  4. Mill Sludge and Scales De-Oiling Process (joint paper with Lhoist, Session: Rod & Bar Rolling – Process Improvements, May 5)
  5. Environmental Impact Reduction in Cokemaking by the Extensive Use of New Technologies (Session: Environmental/Cokemaking – Environmental Control Systems, May 5)
  6. Improvement of the Performance of the Bosh Cooling System at ROGESA No.5 Blast Furnace (joint paper with Dillinger Hüttenwerke, Session: Ironmaking – Improving Blast Furnace Performance & Longevity, May 6)
  7. Stave-Cooled Blast Furnaces: Bell-Less Top® and  Process Models as Key Tools for Efficient Operation and Long Campaign (Session: Ironmaking – Blast Furnace Design & Operational Improvements, May 6)
  8. Assessment of Hot Blast Stoves Structure and Operation (Session: Ironmaking/Refractory Systems – Blast Furnace Refractories, May 6)
  9. First Successful Implementation of Pulverized Coal Injection in Russia at EVRAZ NTMK (joint paper with EVRAZ NTMK, Session: Ironmaking – Blast Furnace Tuyere Injectants, May 6)

The Paul Wurth Group cordially invites the international coke and ironmaking community for listening to the presentations and to discuss related aspects with our experts at the show in Indianapolis.

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