PCI Plants at NLMK Blast Furnaces Reaching Design Capacity

NLMK Group, one of Russia’s leading integrated steel companies with international operations, announced that the pulverised coal injection (PCI) plants of blast furnaces No. 6 and No. 7 at NLMK’s main steelmaking site at Lipetsk have reached the designed parameters.

Recent press information released by NLMK stressed that this technology results in “a 30% decrease in the consumption of expensive coke and a 50-80% reduction in the consumption of natural gas” as well as “reduces the cost of pig iron production approximately by 5%”.

The PCI plants for blast furnaces No. 6 (yearly production: 3.1m tons of hot metal) and No. 7 (4.3m tons) have been part of an integral contract to Paul Wurth which covered the introduction of this resources-saving technology to the four most important ironmaking units of NLMK. At blast furnaces No. 4 and No.5, operations with PCI commenced back in 2013/14.

The recent guarantee tests at No. 6 and No. 7 furnaces confirmed injection of pulverized coal at a rate of 160 kg per ton of hot metal. NLMK injects coal in combination with natural gas. Dense phase conveying systems with static distributors are attractive in CAPEX and ensure accurate distribution of the pulverised coal over the hot blast tuyeres. The injection coal is being produced by upstream grinding and drying plants. Here, Paul Wurth’s self-inertising process circuits ensure coal pulverisation with reliable explosion prevention by design.

Paul Wurth’s PCI systems are in operation at more than 80 medium and large size blast furnaces worldwide. Amongst them are currently 9 of the most productive furnaces in Russia, including NLMK’s Novolipetsk Steel Works.

(Photo by courtesy of NLMK Group)

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