PAUL WURTH at AISTech 2017

As a regular participant for many years already, Paul Wurth will again be in close contact with its customers at the AISTech Trade Fair and Conference at Nashville, Tennessee, USA, on May 08 - 11, 2017.

At the exhibition, Paul Wurth’s representatives will showcase the company’s products in the frame of a common booth of the SMS group.

At the AISTech conference, our colleagues will highlight the "START-UP OF THE FIRST JUMBO OVEN PROJECT IN THE AMERICAS", a report about the successful commissioning of the newest Greenfield cokemaking plant in Brazil. Another paper, jointly developed with Midrex, Inc., describes the "INTEGRATION OF MIDREX TECHNOLOGIES IN NORTH AMERICA STEEL PLANTS. EVALUATION OF ECONOMICAL AND CO2 IMPACTS."

Looking forward to seeing you at the steel show in the Music City!

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