New Sintering Off-Gas Treatment Plant at Salzgitter

Essen and Luxembourg, 1 March 2011. In December 2008, Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH (SZFG) decided to equip the sinter plant of their Salzgitter (Lower Saxony, Germany) works with a flue gas treatment plant in order to meet the stringent conditions of the German “TA Luft” environmental legislation.

The order for engineering, supply, erection and commissioning of this plant has been awarded to Paul Wurth Umwelttechnik, Essen, Germany.

Paul Wurth’s EFA™ Flue Gas Desulphurization technology utilizes an entrained flow absorber with hydrated lime and lignite coke as reagents; thus, hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids and others are bound in addition. These reactions are followed by bag filter dry cleaning of the gas, down to extremely low dust content.

Sinter plant A at Salzgitter has a suction area of 180 m2 and is typically operated at productivity over 40 t/m2×24h generating 500.000 m3/h (STP, dry) off-gas which is pre-cleaned by an electrostatic precipitator.

The EFA™ off-gas treatment plant has been constructed on schedule, without notifiable accidents, and commissioned in March 2010. The first months’ operations show impressive results: SZFG reports that the dust content of the released clean gas is now less than 3 mg/m³ (STP) average; the concentration of other emissions are according to actual TA-Luft limitations. The consumption figures of the reagents appear to be at the expected low level.

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