New CSP Coking Plant now fully operational

After the first of two new coke oven batteries was put in operation in May 2016, one month later first coke was successfully pushed also from the second new battery of Companhia Siderúrgica de Pecèm (CSP) in Brazil.

This operation marks an important milestone in CSP’s new coking plant project, being part of their greenfield integrated steel plant construction in the state of Cearà in Brazil’s Northeast region. The steel plant will have the capacity to produce 3 million tons of steel slabs per year. In the frame of this ambitious project, Paul Wurth was contracted by Posco Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd for the engineering, supply of key components as well as erection and commissioning supervision services for the coking plant facilities.

Paul Wurth namely designed and supplied two identical batteries with 50 coke ovens each and an oven height of 7.6 m. This is the first time that such a battery type is installed in this part of the world – a milestone also for the local industry. Each of the batteries is designed to produce 672,870 tons of coke per year.

Besides the batteries themselves, the new coking plant integrates a whole range of state-of-the-art Paul Wurth cokemaking technologies, such as Schalke coke oven machines, process control and automation, the coke quenching system as well as the gas treatment and by-product plants. A particular focus is given to the environmental aspect thanks to in-house developed products such as SUPRACOK™ level-2 system for coke oven plants and SOPRECO® Single Oven PREssure Control.

All these features will enable the customer to meet the highest standards in terms of coke productivity and quality, emission control, energy consumption, user friendliness and plant safety.

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