Market Breakthrough for Tuyere Phenomena Detection System

Within the past three years, Paul Wurth has developed a new monitoring technology for the tuyeres and raceway area of blast furnaces. An integrated system employing digital cameras provides continuous visualisation of all tuyeres on any computer connected to the network. Machine vision methods (extraction of process relevant information out of pictures) are applied for automatic phenomena detection, which is backed-up by an integrated mathematic blast furnace model for the raceway zone. This feature also includes detection algorithms especially designed for the use with tuyere-injected auxiliary reducing agents like pulverised coal. Direct link to the furnace’s automation system helps to implement additional emergency measures (for instance, immediate shut-off of PCI) improving safety for personnel, equipment and plant. In the course of normal operation, continuous remote monitoring of the tuyere area improves the BF process stability and opens potential for higher PCI rates with, subsequently, reduced hot metal cost.
Paul Wurth’s new tuyere phenomena detection system (TPDS) has now been operating for more than 8 months on 4 blast furnaces in Belgium and Germany, fully equipped (each tuyere) with 117 units in total. While two plants in Germany and Spain are currently evaluating the system’s benefits on individual tuyeres, Paul Wurth has recently received orders for equipping 4 more blast furnaces (in the Netherlands and in Germany) completely (128 tuyeres) with this highly convincing technology.

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