Hyundai Steel Co. Successfully Started Blast Furnace Operations

In January 2010, Hyundai Steel Company has commissioned the first blast furnace of their Integrated Steel Mill project at Dangjin in South Korea. This BF No.1 belongs to the first stage of the project which shall bring on stream new hot metal capacity for producing 8 million tons per year by 2 identical blast furnaces. With hearth diameters of 14.8m each they will be some of the largest in the world.

In April 2007, Hyundai Steel placed an order with the Paul Wurth group for designing these two modern ironmaking plants including burden preparation facilities, the blast furnaces with modern staves cooling and Bell-Less Top® charging systems, hot blast stoves with external combustion chamber, axial cyclones and annular gap scrubbers for off-gas cleaning, pulverised coal injection plants and utilities systems. Each blast furnace is equipped with four tap holes and two slag granulation plants. Special care is given to environmental aspects: most state-of-the-art emission control methods have been incorporated into the plant design as well as a maximum of process recording means and the highest degree of plant automation including mathematical modelling of processes and plant condition.

The very challenging project schedule has been matched over the entire design and construction period. Subsequently, BF No.1 came on stream as planned: The blow-in on January 5th has been followed by the first hot metal tap on the next day. On January 11th, hot metal operations for the steelmaking shop commenced, and slag has been granulated firstly on the same day. Operations with pulverized coal injection started on the 6th of February. Since then, hot metal production and quality, fuel rate and other important process parameters are developing in accordance with the milestones of the start-up curve. Performance tests for final acceptance are to be conducted in mid-2010. In parallel, the construction of the twin BF No.2 installation continues, start-up is scheduled for end-2010.

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