Christmas Wish Tree

This year for Christmas, Paul Wurth’s employees showed their commitment by fulfilling the wish of a child from SOS Kannerduerf Lëtzebuerg.

The traditional Christmas tree set up at Paul Wurth’s headquarters was accompanied this year by a charity activity of the special kind: the tree was decorated with individual Christmas wishes, handwritten on a paper star by children from SOS Kannerduerf Lëtzeburg. All employees were invited to choose one of these wishes, pick it from the tree and make the wish of the child come true.

The event was wholeheartedly welcomed by the entire Paul Wurth staff and within two hours, all 80 stars had found a taker. Every participant highly appreciated the opportunity to give a donation for Christmas to a child they could identify by name and age, knowing it lives not far away from their home. Holding the handwritten wish in their hands, they were touched and moved by the wish diversity, varying from cuddly toys and cosmetics over vouchers and DVDs to lego toys.

The first gifts were already handed in after lunch break on the same day, more and more followed the days after. Every gift was lovingly wrapped, often with an additional personal word or message to the child.

On Thursday, 21 December, just before Christmas, Paul Wurth’s CEO Georges Rassel presented the fulfilled wishes in front of the Christmas tree to Mrs Josiane Eippers, president of SOS Kannerduerf Lëtzebuerg. She proudly received the gifts and expressed her heartfelt thanks for the benevolent wish tree in the name of her foundation and especially in the name of every individual child.

With this initiative, Paul Wurth shows once more its involvement and social commitment, this time in a local frame. The company is happy to bring a smile to the children’s faces and thanks all colleagues for their support to make this initiative a great success.

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