Chinese Railway Industry entrusts Paul Wurth Group with contract

In April 2014, CSR Sifang Co. Ltd, one of the largest high-speed train manufacturers in China, charged Paul Wurth with engineering, supply of key components and supervision services for upgrading and automating a bogie assembling line in Qingdao, Shandong province.
With two similar contracts awarded from the Chinese railway industry during the last three years, the Paul Wurth Group has been able to enter this expanding market and diversify its activities thanks to the combined expertise of its 100% owned subsidiary CTI Systems S.A., a leading provider of integrated automated manufacturing solutions for heavy-load applications, and the engineering and project management capabilities of its local entity Paul Wurth Metal Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd.
To meet the fast development of infrastructures in China, CSR Sifang decided to automate its assembling line with the aim of increasing its productivity to 10 bogies per shift and reducing as well as securing the working processes within its facility. Thanks to highly precise automated handling systems, like overhead carriers designed by CTI Systems and automated guided vehicles (AGVs), the nearly fully automatic material flow of the different components and sub-assemblies of the bogies can be assured during all assembly stages. According to schedule, the line will be put into operation in the beginning of 2015.
This project adds a further strategic reference to the Paul Wurth Group’s solutions for the railway industry, especially for the production of railway vehicles, and represents an important step in the Group’s business diversification.

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