China Steel successfully commissioned a new Paul Wurth INBA System

Kaohsiung and Luxembourg, 10 July 2013. China Steel Corporation, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, successfully commissioned on May 6, 2013 the first of two new slag granulation systems with INBA dewatering technology for CSC’s Blast Furnace No. 4 at the Kaohsiung steel works.
In 2011, the Paul Wurth Group was awarded the contract for the engineering and supply of two new systems with the aim of improving the customer’s blast furnace slag production method. The construction of the second system will begin in September this year and the plant will start-up during the first quarter of 2014, along with the completely relined BF4 which will produce 3.0 million tons of hot metal annually.
Each INBA plant will serve one of the two casthouses (with two tapholes each) and is designed for processing a maximum slag flow rate of 10 tons/min. The liquid slag is granulated by water jets as it falls into a granulation tank; the generated steam is captured by means of a condensation tower. This is the most advanced technology in terms of reducing the environmental impact from the granulation process.
CSC had experience with a different slag granulation and dewatering method during the first campaign of BF4. On the other hand, the operational results of the Paul Wurth INBA plants at CSC’s No. 1-3 furnaces with, particularly, their high reliability, effective emission control and low operating and maintenance costs led CSC to decide for the INBA system. Thus, from now on, all 6 blast furnaces in Taiwan are using Paul Wurth’s proven granulation and dewatering technology for producing highly vitrified blast furnace slag for the cement and construction industry.

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