Luxembourg & Belo Horizonte, 18 August 2010. A new, modern blast furnace, which will become the “B” furnace, will form the hot metal base of ArcelorMittal’s capacity expansion at their Monlevade plant in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Sized at 8m hearth diameter, with 22 hot blast tuyeres, it will deliver 1.12 million tons of hot metal per year to the steelmaking facilities.

ArcelorMittal awarded to the Paul Wurth Group a design and supply contract for the new “B” furnace and all auxiliary plants which provides for such modern technologies and state-of-the-art equipment as: central feed bell less top® charging system, TMT* stockline detectors and probes, a cooling system with copper and cast iron staves. The cold blast will be generated by an electrically driven blower, the hot blast by a 3-stoves group with ceramic burners and with all stoves and blast valves of Paul Wurth design. The furnace will have one taphole fitted with fully hydraulic TMT castfloor machines. The blast furnace top gas will be cleaned by a modern gas cleaning system with axial cyclone and annular gap scrubber. Casthouse and stockhouse areas will be provided with effective de-dusting systems. An INBA® slag granulation and dewatering system and a grinding, drying and injection plant for pulverized coal are further important sub-plants. The project also foresees capacity extension of the hot metal de-sulphurization facilities and the installation of a new 2-strand pig caster. Electric equipment, instrumentation and automation for the all the mentioned systems are part of the order to the Paul Wurth Group. For the blast furnace ironmaking process, numerous measuring and sampling devices and the automation system with its supervision and control features will ensure a reliable operation of this new furnace.

A demanding overall project schedule foresees Monlevade’s “B“ blast furnace to be commissioned in May 2012.

* - TMT is a joint company of Dango & Dienenthal and Paul Wurth

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