Installation of BLT at Salzgitter Flachstahl BF"B"

In the frame of a general reline of “B” blast furnace at Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH (SZFG), Germany, Paul Wurth installed and commissioned a modernised Bell Less Top charging system.

Salzgitter’s BF “B” reline has been finished within 80 days, ahead of the 85-days schedule. First hot metal has been tapped on Saturday, the 14th of November.
Paul Wurth received an order from SZFG in August 2014 which foresaw a complex job of modifications and replacement of components for the existing BLT. This system has been in operation at “B” furnace from its start in 1993.
As one of the technical highlights of the new system, Paul Wurth’s new spherical maintenance valve replaces the traditional goggle valve above the chute transmission gearbox. This results in by far easier and quicker maintenance on both scheduled and unexpected shutdowns.
Further newly installed components are the valve actuation unit (VAU) with lower material gates and seal valves, the pressure equalising and relief valves, and two material hoppers. The latter feature a vulcanised rubber lining with additional cast iron armour plates in the lower cones.
During the shutdown activities, temporary removal of the main charging conveyor’s head and some existing maintenance platforms allowed easier and faster installation of the VAU and the material hoppers.
In addition to reconditioning the main gearbox, engineering and supply of the equipment, Paul Wurth’s scope included the elaboration of a deeply detailed erection instruction for the BLT, site coordination and erection supervision as well as commissioning of the newly composed top charging system. A related timeline was subject to fulfilment.
After the blast furnace restart, the system underwent a 4 weeks performance test at 100% availability. With regard to all other obligations under this project being fulfilled, subsequently, the customer issued the Final Acceptance Certificate immediately.
The typical production rate of SZFG’s “B” blast furnace is 6,000 tons of hot metal per day.

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