The ability to put forward innovative solutions has always been Paul Wurth’s major asset.

Our teams of engineers are constantly on the lookout for new technological solutions that will best attend to our customers’ needs in terms of industrial and financial performance, ensure the safety, reliability and service life of our plants and equipment and also meet environmental challenges. The development of new products and improvement of existing equipment and processes enables the Group to maintain its technological lead by constantly updating its product range.

Paul Wurth is able to fulfil these objectives for the benefit of our customers again and again thanks to its highly motivated and qualified engineers, whose creativity has always been the driving force behind Paul Wurth's success. Apart from our know-how it is above all our worldwide presence which enables us to be in constant dialogue with our customers, to formulate technical and economic targets together and to develop innovative solutions. The use of powerful computer-aided design tools, in-house developed project management software and interactive communication programs enable our R&D teams to fully exploit their creative potential and to maintain a significant lead.

Year for year, Paul Wurth invests a substantial part of its turnover in research and development. The intense R&D efforts made throughout Paul Wurth's history yielded innovative products and precious technological assets, concentrated in a rich portfolio of about 650 patented inventions, respectively 1500 patents being presently active in 48 countries.

The creativity of our engineers also generated a number of trademarks, such as Inba® slag granulation, Gritzko® valve, Primus® residue recycling technology, … and last but not least the distinctive Bell Less Top®, the blast furnace charging system, which revolutionized the iron & steel industry in the early 70ies and is unequalled until today.

SOPRECO system