It is the skills and commitment of all the employees in the Group that enable Paul Wurth to meet the technical and commercial challenges facing it every day.

Given its very activities, Paul Wurth chiefly recruits highly-skilled personnel from a broad range of disciplines, often with an already solid professional track record.

Paul Wurth invests considerable effort and resources into developing its employees. Whenever a new employee starts, there is a coaching system to integrate the employee into the group and to pass on our knowledge and know-how in all its richness and complexity. This coaching programme enables the new employee to achieve quickly the level of skills and performance needed for the job, not only in terms of know-how but also know-why.

Developing our employees’ competences remains a priority throughout their career. Any training needs, whether identified by the employee or called for by the market or because of technological developments, are taken into account in a holistic training programme.

Although technical expertise is important, so too are the human qualities and managerial skills needed to develop in a multinational, multicultural environment, to understand the markets and countries in which we operate and to contribute effectively and constructively to working as part of a team.

Creativity, flexibility, mobility, multi-skilling, motivation and commitment – these are the qualities that foster a mutually profitable relationship based on trust between Paul Wurth and its employees, thereby ensuring the Group's long-term survival and prosperity.

Development of competences