Paul Wurth offers modern Pig Casting Machines for the latest generation of casting, process control and monitoring. Our technology aims at decreasing maintenance and installation time as well as increasing production and control.

All of our machines are built based on a modular construction type design. They can be either a single strand or double strand machine with different design arrangements depending on the pouring method. The size and ruggedness of the caster is primarily based on the tonnage per hour and the ladle size.

Paul Wurth is able to accommodate many different design considerations into the standard design along with a full automated control package and including several optional features.

Main advantages:

  • High machine availability;
  • Reduced maintenance requirements thanks to optimised component design;
  • Standard components for interchangeability and fast turnarounds;
  • Optimised water circuit;
  • Extensive temperature monitoring;
  • Fully automated machine operations;
  • Advanced solutions to meet most stringent environmental constraints.
Pig Casting Machines