Having integrated many decades of experience in world leading Hot Blast System design, the Paul Wurth Group proposes the best technology for the turnkey construction of Hot Blast Stove Systems with internal and external combustion chamber as well as for repairs of all kind.

The benefits of our solutions are:

  • uninterrupted furnace operation for years;
  • highly energy efficient;
  • maintenance free systems;
  • low emissions;
  • optimal use of available space;
  • long-time proven concepts against stress corrosion cracking.

By recovering heat from the flue gas generated in heating the hot stoves and using this heat for preheating the fuel and stove combustion air, the overall thermal efficiency of the hot stoves can be improved resulting in substantial energy savings and optimized operating costs. The heat recovery systems supplied by Paul Wurth are based on heat pipe technology and use thermal oil as medium.

Paul Wurth designs Hot Blast Mains and Bustle Pipes to address system movements and residual expansions to give trouble free operation. A single main mixer or individual branch mixers can be incorporated.

Our portfolio also includes the entire set of valves used for the hot blast system applications.

The Paul Wurth Tuyere Stocks, applied on more than 150 blast furnaces, are designed for long service life, easy handling, low maintenance and zero noise pollution. The blow pipes designed by Paul Wurth are readily adaptable to accept auxiliary fuel injection. 

Cowpers at BF1, Hyundia Steel, South Korea.