With many decades of design development and the supply of important Blast Furnace Probes, Paul Wurth has combined its design know-how with that of Dango & Dienenthal in its affiliated company TMT - Tapping Measuring Technology. Paul Wurth works with its colleagues at TMT and with the clients to implement the best combination of probes and measuring equipment to properly monitor and control the blast furnace process.

Reliable probe operation is important to support data processing, furnace process models and furnace operation supervisory systems.

TMT’s range of probes include:

  • Stockline detectors
  • Profilemeter / 3DTopScan
  • TMT Soma - a system for 2D Acoustic Top Gas Temperature Measurement for Blast Furnaces
  • Above burden gas & temperature probes
  • Impact probe
  • Descending vertical probe
  • In-burden probe gas & temperature probes
  • Scanning probe
  • Tuyere probes
  • Torpedo ladle level probe

For more information, visit the website of TMT:

TMT in-burden probe