The efficient operation of the modern blast furnace requires a high degree of automation in conjunction with computerised monitoring and control systems.
For each Paul Wurth Technology / Equipment, we offer Level 1 Automation (PLC and HMI systems). A dedicated team of specialists has developed advanced process control for any specific process.

Beyond general automation tasks advanced functionalities are covered by Paul Wurth’s Level-2 Automation solutions.

Paul Wurth’s Blast furnace level-2 system BFXpert™ combines process models and expert systems for data analysis and process optimization. It supports BF operators in optimizing the stability and costs of hot metal production, while being assisted by a knowledge-based system. Treatment of process data further assists in reporting performance indicators and production figures.

Designed for operator assistance and process optimization, BFXpert can make a significant contribution to cost and energy saving programs.

Similar specific systems are available for associated processes such as coke making and sintering, thus allowing even a plant-wide optimization.

Furnace Automation & Supervisory Systems