High-efficiency Gas Cleaning Systems are vital for the reliable operation and long campaign life of high temperature hot blast systems and steam generation facilities, and allow the operators to meet the relevant pollution control standards.

We design and supply the full range of Gas Cleaning Systems, gas distribution equipment and processes designed to the highest levels of cleaning efficiency, safety and reliability and providing the best possible environmental protection. With more than 130 references worldwide, Paul Wurth offers turnkey plants and core components for top gas cleaning of blast furnaces, including 

Axial Cyclone

  • Compact design;
  • Wear resistant lining optimising the system lifetime;
  • Easily adaptable to existing plants (no modification of downcomer support).

Annular Gap (Venturi) Scrubber

  • High separation efficiency with minimum pressure loss;
  • Scrubber shell protection adapted to individual (local) gas properties.


Top Gas Energy Recovery Turbine

The efficiency and accuracy of dust separation provides for high recycling rates of ferrous ironmaking by-products, for instance by use of the RedIron technology or the CirovalTM process.

Blast Furnace gas cleaning systems