For decades Paul Wurth has been designing and supplying specialised valves and bleeders for different applications in the blast furnace process. Paul Wurth designs its valves to meet and exceed the most severe operating conditions to be expected in blast furnace operation. They are designed for long life, high reliability and ease of maintenance.
This product range is under continuous improvement, so that new features and components suit the most recent application, quality and service demands.

The Paul Wurth Valve family includes:

  • Bleeder Valves (furnace top and semi-clean gas)
  • Furnace Top Pressure Equalising and Relief Valves
  • BF Gas Main Shut-off / Isolation Valves
  • Dust Discharging (GRITZKO®) Valves (for dust catchers and cyclones)
  • Pneumatic Conveying Flow Control Valves (GRITZKO®) (for pulverised coal and other materials)
  • Goggle Valves (for positive isolation of process gas mains)
  • Septum Valves (for BF clean gas pressure reduction)
  • Snort Valves (for BF cold blast control)
  • Gate, Butterfly, Double Eccentric and Three Lever Valves for isolation and control of the BF hot blast stove plant and other applications, including:
    Cold Blast - Mixing - Hot Blast - Venting - Fuel Gas - Combustion Air - Chimney/Waste Gas - Waste Heat Recovery - Isolation, Safety & Back Draught - TRT.

Paul Wurth's valves are promoted in cooperation with VCL Valve Competence Luxembourg.

Blast Furnace Valves