Since the first successful industrial application of the BLT® in 1972, Paul Wurth has developed a large family of Bell Less Top® Charging Systems for any blast furnace size, satisfying the customers’ requests for flexible burden distribution and segregation control, while matching their budgets. Our knowledge gained from about 700 installations, combined with the operational experience of our clients and our process-focused product development, all bundled into a unique charging technology – that’s what makes up the standard in today’s blast furnace ironmaking.

The application of the Bell Less Top charging system provides the following benefits:

  • Improved furnace operational stability & efficiency leading to better hot metal chemistry control;
  • Increased furnace productivity;
  • Lower operating costs thanks to reduced coke consumption and higher attainable PCI rates;
  • Longer campaign life thanks to reduced blast furnace wall heat loads;
  • Limited equipment maintenance, easy and quick maintainability.
Blast Furnace Top Charging Technology