Modern Cokemaking Plants

With a complete portfolio of cokemaking technologies, Paul Wurth is a leading player for the design and supply of modern cokemaking plants that meet the highest standards in terms of operational efficiency and environmental performance.

We offer tailor-made and state-of-the-art solutions for your turnkey construction projects, modernisations as well as hot repairs. In constant dialogue with the customer, we define all process steps within a global approach and develop the concept accordingly. This includes profitability studies, project management plus manufacturing and quality control. Thereby, a special focus is on efficiency and environmental performance.

Our portfolio includes the design and construction of complete cokemaking plants, coke oven batteries, coal & coke handling, coke quenching plants, coke oven gas treatment, by-product & auxiliary plants. The integration of Schalke’s coke oven machine technology makes Paul Wurth a global player for cokemaking projects - from preparing the coal to be charged into the ovens to the delivery of coke in suitable fractions to the final users. Complemented by the most advanced automation and control systems, our plants and equipment meet the highest standards in terms of coke productivity and quality, emission control, energy consumption, user friendliness and plant safety.

Coke Oven Plant, Zentralkokerei Saar, Dillingen